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Intermountain Healthcare is known locally, nationally, and internationally for its mission of “helping people live the healthiest lives possible.” Its focus on clinical excellence at the lowest sustainable cost has helped Utahns benefit from superior healthcare results at some of the most affordable costs in the country.

A key benefit of living at Summit Vista will be the availability of coordinated, integrated and comprehensive medical services from Intermountain Healthcare. A consistent relationship between the patient and his or her primary care physician is the key to lifelong health.

Mark Erickson, managing director of Summit Vista, notes: “In other parts of the country, it might have been difficult to find a healthcare provider that understands the value of this comprehensive approach. We’re fortunate that Intermountain already sees the value of integrated medicine and employs a substantial array of physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide excellence in care for retirees and older seniors.”

Summit Vista residents will also have the option to enroll in SelectHealth Advantage, a Medicare Advantage plan offered by SelectHealth. No other health plan works as closely with Intermountain Healthcare as SelectHealth.


As a Summit Vista resident, you can go to your medical center of choice.


  • Medical and preventive care
  • Coordination with Intermountain specialists and hospitals
  • Electronic medical record

Unique features not available at other places:

  • 20- to 25-minute appointments, with caregivers who listen
  • Shorter wait times to see a doctor
  • Statewide network of connected providers

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